Terms of Service

The Panel

"The service", "The panel", "This panel", "Panel", "Donation System" refers to this donation platform on this specific domain and may not be confused as something else.

Community name

"Us", "We", "Our", "The community" all refers to the Community name as a group, as a community. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our service.


Any money you choose to spend is your choice, you are purchasing digital goods to support our servers, by using this panel you agree to our terms of service and acknowledge what you are doing. We reserve the right to rescind/revoke a purchase at any time if any of the terms of service are broken


We do not offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one. Otherwise, refunds are not a thing. 


If you chargeback your donation, anything you have purchased will be removed from your account indefinitely, and you will be automatically permanently banned from our community.

VIP Ranks

We reserve the right to strip you of your Ranks for any reason. If you are banned or stripped of VIP or any other ranks you will not be refunded.


We reserve the right to strip you of your ranks for any abusive behaviors with the perks that you are provided. If any abuse is caught, you will be stripped of your rank with no refund.


If you do not use a Sith or Bounty Hunter, for example, Palpatine, Darth Vader, Starkiller, Boba Fett, you can have it removed for someone else to purchase it if you are inactive on the server. This means if you are not on for about a week or more without a Leave of Absence posted.


We can change any package that we deem necessary to fit the better needs of the server.